Why Are Custom Audio Cables The Best?

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Why Are Custom Audio Cables The Best?

Mainly stock audio cables are manufactured with subpar materials, fixed connectors, colors, and lengths and cannot fulfill your ideal audio cable requirements. Having audio custom cables can also be tricky to do yourself, especially for those who don't have the time to build their custom audio cables.

Here in Coluber, our signature is complete customization.


Why are custom audio cables the best?

Customize your cable length 

Especially for those who want to tidy up the management of cables, ordering your ideal cable length is essential. With Coluber Cable, you can choose from 0.5 meters and even up to 200 meters! Never worry again if your cable is too short or long for your needs. 

Mix and Match your Connectors

Getting standard audio cables is not very convenient, especially if you have custom connector requirements. With Coluber Cable, you can get your ideal connectors to match your audio cable needs. Choose your perfect combination of connectors whether your hookup requires a right-angle XLR male, right-angle XLR female, ¼" TRS, or some other arrangement. 


Colored Cables 

Suppose you're looking for color-coded convenience for the entire band. Our collection comes in various shades, sizes, and configurations, so wires never get crossed.


Each piece features twin conductive PVC interior shields, gold-plated connectors, cotton yarn wrap, and a 98% braided shield to reduce noise interference. Whether you're plugging the mic into an audio interface or pairing a mixer with external speakers, rest easy knowing you'll always have the strongest, most reliable hookup and top-quality sound transfer.


Since this is a custom cable, you are paying only for your audio cable requirements. Pay only for the cable length, connectors that you need, and most of all, you also get a free color of cable your choice.


Here's some of the actual reviews from our customers:


"I have now ordered many of these patch cables in various lengths and colors. The quality is very good and it works well."


"These cables works well for my needs, which I use for my patchbay in my recording studio. I love the fact that these cables comes in a variety of colors which helps me know what cables I have assigned to my outboard gear in my studio. I do plan on purchasing a few more."


"This cord was perfect for what I needed. I was looking for a short cord for my amp. It fit perfectly and didn't have any problems. The sound was perfect and crisp. The quality of the cord is amazing, I know it'll hold up over time." 


Make Coluber Cable your new favorite one-stop shop audio cable store! 

Start customizing your audio cables today! 

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