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How To Take Care Of Your Audio Cables?

 Over time, power cords get tangled, sticky, and collect dust, which builds up dirt and makes your cable look nasty! Audio cables also need cleaning, but of course, you cannot just put them in the laundry or wash them with some detergent. 

Here at Coluber Cable, we care about every audio cable out there! Here are simple ways to take care of your audio cables

  1. Check your audio cables regularly for any signs of dust, dirt, or debris. 
  2. Clean only with a dry cloth.
  3. Be mindful when detaching your connectors. Although they are made to be plug-in and out, you can increase their lifespan with a cautious force and keeping them in a non-stressed position.
  4. Unplug your cables when not in use.
  5. Always store your audio cables in a non-stressed position.
  6. Allow your audio cables to the coil and lay naturally.  
  7. Do not wrap your audio cables as it creates an excessive twist in the cable, especially if the other end is still plugged in. 
  8. Choose good cable ties such as Velcro Loops, Extension cord holder straps, Pipe Cleaners, or Shoe Ties. Avoid Zip ties as it is hard to detach after its fully fastened. It could eventually even damage your cable if you try to cut it. Avoid using tapes as well as it leaves sticky residues on your cable, and they don’t get to stick for a long time. 
  9. Store your cables properly. As mentioned in item # 5, you would want to organize your cables so it won’t create any stressful position—ways such as hanging, keeping them in purpose-made storage bags or audio cable organizers.
  10. Label your cables, and you can do this by making your audio cables color-coded. Coluber Cable custom audio cables can help you with many color options, and you can organize your cables according to their purpose! 

Remember that proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the longevity of your audio cables, and enjoy a pristine sound and distort-free musical experience for years!  

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