RCA Female Unbalanced Premium Phono Audio Cable - Custom Length, Color Cord

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A superior sound cable is made for center stage.

For all your live shows and professional sound recordings, stay connected with the industry's clearest cable from Coluber. This pro-quality connector provides crystal-clear transmission for all your various audio applications, delivering dependable performance no matter the venue's nature.

Each piece features twin conductive PVC interior shields, gold-plated connectors, cotton yarn wrap, and a 98% braided shield to reduce noise interference. Whether you're plugging the mic into an audio interface or pairing a mixer with external speakers. Rest easy knowing you'll always have the strongest, most reliable hookup and top quality sound transfer.


The Coluber signature? Complete customization.

Suppose you're looking for color-coded convenience for the entire band. Our collection comes in various shades, sizes, and configurations, so wires never get crossed. Choose your ideal combination of connectors. Whether your hookup requires a right-angle XLR male, right-angle XLR female, ¼" TRS, 1¼ TS, 3.5mm, or some other arrangement. Then, select your preferred color and length options, and enjoy a custom connector explicitly designed for your audio needs. So stop settling for subpar wires that fizzle out after a few months. Enjoy a long-lasting, dynamic range of sound for every project, and stock your studio with a bulk supply of Coluber XLR Cables today!


What You Get

  • 1 x professional cable from Coluber
  • Superior sound clarity and noise reduction
  • Your choice of shade, size, and connectors


Specs & Details

  • Shield type: 98% Braided
  • Connector plating: Gold
  • OFC conductors: 22 gauge
  • RoHS compliant
  • Built-in strain relief