DMX Patch Cable 3-Pin XLR Right Angle Male to Right Angle Female

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DMX Patch Cable 3-Pin XLR Right Angle Male to Right Angle Female - 3 Feet Black - 120 ohm DMX512 Data Cord for Stage Lights and Lighting Controls
  • COLUBER CABLE DMX PATCH CABLE- Coluber Cable brings you a trustworthy warhorse of a patch cable for your light needs. For LED lights and controller patching- enjoy a dependable DMX 512 cable you can use anywhere, and order it just how you like it.
  • FULLY CUSTOM PATCH CABLES, YOU NAME IT- WE MAKE IT- Dive into the possibilities and tell us what you need. Our mission is to make engineering a tad easier by giving you exactly the right tools for the task at hand. Choose between various colors, 3pin or 5pin connectors, straight or 90 degree angled connectors, and various lengths- you name it, we make it.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION- Sporting a 22 AWG wire, bare copper conductors, reinforced spiral shield, aluminum foil wrap, and a high impedance of 120 Ohms, our stage patch cables make life easy through dependability.
  • STAY ORGANIZED- Along with the various sizes and the different connectivity options, you can also choose the color of your DMX xlr cable. Adding great practicality to your gear helps with always staying on top of your tracking and knowing what goes where at all times.
  • PRISTINE QUALITY- Enjoy true to life quality that does not get muddy, does not crackle, or loses its source signature. Get the best results with minimum coloration, stay always organized, and steer clear from messy cable management with color-coded Coluber DMX XLR cables

    Product Description. 
    Coluber Cable DMX XLR Patch Cables- Your Own, Fully Customizable Gear
    Coluber Cable introduces a full line of DMX stage cables that you can really count on for the task at hand. For the stage engineer who does live or studio gigs, or the home artist our cable can help you get that pristinely clear transmission you need for your gig and will work perfectly with any professional lighting control console.

    The best part? You can order your DMX XLR cable, with customization options!
    Robust, Heavy-Duty Build
    Made with 22 AWG wire, bare copper conductors reinforced spiral shield, aluminum foil wrap, and a high impedance of 120 Ohms.
    Crisp Signal Transfer
    Enjoy a lossless signal that translates into a clean representation of your lighting board. Patch your lighting desk up and get the results you need without sacrificing quality.
    Practical Design
    Our DMX XLR cables also come in various colors to help you stay on top of your stage and studio.
    Order Your Cable Just The Way You Need it
    Coluber Cable gives you more power and helps you get the perfect cable according to your needs.
    • Choose the type of connectivity you want between 3pin and 5pin.
    • Decide the color of choice for unmatched practicality.
    • Choose between straight or angled connectors.
    • Choose the length you want.

    Make recording and mixing life at home or at any venue easier, and get professional results, every single time

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