Coluber Custom Cable - Design Your Own

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Build-your-own Audio cable!

A superior sound cable is made for center stage.

Get the industry's sharpest and best XLR Balanced Cable from Coluber for your live shows and studio recordings. This pro-grade connector will take your sound to a new level - no interference, top audio fidelity, and great strength in any setting you throw at it! With dual PVC armor shields plus gold connectors + 98% braided shield thrown into the mix, this cable guarantees maximum noise rejection while delivering superior performance every single time. Get ready to rock n roll with crisp clarity & ultimate reliability! 

The Coluber signature? Complete customization.
Want to color-coordinate your sound? Check out our Coluber signature collection for complete customization control - the perfect choice if you're looking for wires that know how to stay connected. You can select a variety of connector configurations, colors, and lengths, so there's something special just waiting around every corner! Create an audio connection with its style today!

Don't take a chance on cheap cables with limited lifespans - upgrade your studio setup with Coluber XLR Cables! Our reliable, convenient black connectors provide all the discreet durability you need for any live or session musician. Get ready to experience unparalleled sound quality and dynamic range every time; start stocking up now!