5-PIN XLR Angle Adapter Male & Female Adjustable to 4 Angle Positions

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DUAL 5-PIN XLR DMX ANGLE ADAPTER | Convenient L-Shaped Connector Allows You to Adjust Cable Placement as it Attaches to Equipment & Direction as it Sits on Stage | Smart, Simple Solution for Applications That Interfere With Other Applications

FULLY ADJUST, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE | Device Adjusts in [4] Ways – Right, Left, Up & Down 90° – for Limitless Positioning Options | Unscrew Locking Pin & Use Pliers to Rotate Male or Female End Until You Reach Desired Position [Do Not Exceed 360°]

KEEP CABLES NEAT AND TIDY | Discreet, Low Profile Design is Perfect for Cleaning Up Your Wires When Performing in Studio, on Stage, or on Location | Route Cables in Ideal Direction Without Disturbing Mixer, Other Instruments, Etc.

STRONG, SOLID CONNECTION | High-Quality Metal Construction Ensures Long-Lasting Performance & Super Tight Attachment to the Cable

NO MORE FIXED POSITIONS! | Trade in Your Permanently Fixed Adapters for Plugs That Conform & Convert to Your Exact Application Needs

Pull the plug on fixed positions!
Whether you’re performing on the road or in the studio, equipment is constantly moving and changing. With this handy XLR Angle Adapter from Coluber, your cables always take center stage. Shaped like an ‘L’ and featuring fully adjustable male and female ends, the dual connector allows you to rotate each 5-pin plug so your wires fit perfectly with any setup. This is particularly useful when a receiving gear has permanent connections, or in tight spaces where wires are difficult to maneuver.

Designed to be road-ready and studio-resilient, our adapters promise many years of dependable use. So say goodbye to blocked plugs and loose connections, and learn to adapt like a pro.