4 Channel 3-Pin XLR Male, Female to Single Ethercon - Compact Cat6 Multi Network

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4 Channel 3-Pin XLR Male, Female to Single Ethercon - Compact Cat6 Multi Network 


Audio-over-CAT Goes Plug-and-Play!

Busy performers can finally ditch the onstage obstacles with this conveniently compact Stage Box. Designed for easy transport and seamless sound transmission, the system allows you to run multiple XLR lines into a central interface, connecting to a mixer or recorder via a single network cable.

Sound Solutions for Every Performance

Even the most talented musicians get tripped up from time to time. When working on stage and in the studio, cables get crossed, feet get tangled, and a mountain of parts steal the spotlight—overshadowing the main event. The Coluber Cable Stage Box saves the day by eliminating the mess and speeding up the setup process. 

Wired for All 

They are designed for maximum compatibility. The box does NOT come prewired so you can bring your cables and connectors of varying lengths and styles.

Built to Adapt

Thanks to its compact construction and parallel input and output jacks, the box can adapt four separate lines on a single RJ45 network cable for simple to complex wired applications.

Just Drop it Down and Strike up the Band.

No more roadie rage! Instead of wasting time unraveling wires, weaving cables across the floor, and dealing with annoying ground loop feedback, performers can focus on the task at hand. The Stage Box is excellent for repeated setup and breakdown, making it an ideal companion for traveling singers, musicians, speakers, and more.

 Carry the Ultimate Outlet 

Connect to 4 separate lines on a single Cat cable without sacrificing sound quality. Rest assured, Coluber Cable's rugged, rust-resistant materials are built to last for the tour duration and provide perfectly balanced digital and analog transfer for a fraction of the cost.