3-Pin XLR Angle Adapter - Dual Male & Female Connector with 4 Adjustable Positions

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Pull the Plug on Fixed Positions!
Whether you’re performing on the road or in the studio, equipment is continuously moving and changing. With this handy XLR Angle Adapter from Coluber, your mic cables always take center stage. They are shaped like an ‘L’ and featuring fully adjustable male and female ends. The dual connector allows you to rotate each 3-pin plug, so your wires fit perfectly with any setup. Particularly useful when a mixer or other receiving gear has permanent connections or in tight spaces where wires are difficult to maneuver. Road-ready and studio-resilient, our adapters promise many years of dependable use. So say goodbye to blocked plugs and loose connections and learn to adapt like a pro.

Specs & Details

  • RoHS compliant
  • Material: stainless metal
  • Compatible w/ any 3-pin XLR cable or plug [female and male]
  • Adjustable angles: right, left & 90° in both directions
  • Requires: pliers & screwdriver for connector rotation 

Take the Mic in Any Direction!
Mixers and other stage and recording equipment are only as powerful as their particular setting. When traveling from venue to venue, night after night, it’s hard to make all your cables fit so that performers can comfortably move across the stage. The same goes for cramped studios, where musicians are constantly changing their setups.

The XLR Angle Adapter saves time, eliminates stress, and ensures there are no cable constraints. The dual 3-pin connector allows you to adjust both male and female ends for ideal wire placement. Finally, players are free to plug ‘n play at any convenient angle!
Neater Look 
Neater look when hooking up multiple wires, cables, and gear
Tighter Hookup
Tighter hookup, so singers and players never come unplugged.
Better Flexibility
Better flexibility for small spaces and gear with permanent plugs
Greater Durability
More outstanding durability for reliable use indoors, outdoors, and on location
Free to Adapt Any Angle, Any Direction
Suppose your line interferes with an existing hookup. In that case, the XLR Angle Adapter solves the problem without extensive rewiring or the need for additional equipment. Rotate the 3-pin male or female end of the connector in an upward, downward, leftward, or rightward direction a full 90°. Once in place, tighten the screw to prevent unwanted movement or loosened cables, and your custom setup is ready to rock. It’s that simple!
5 Easy Steps to Setup
1. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the adapter’s locking pin
2. Use pliers or your finger to pull the 3-pin connector from its housing gently
3. Rotate in any direction—but no more than 360°
4. Push the connector back into the housing, replace the screw and tighten
5. Plug the adapter into any mixer, hook up your cable and get playing!
Built to Last
The connector’s premium metal components won’t rust or deteriorate over time; rugged casing also protects the interior against light wear and tear.
Sized to Hide
Slim and compact, the adapter has a super low profile—perfect for hooking up cables when the gear is placed against a rack or in other tight spaces.
Designed for Speed
No more spending hours on set trying to make your equipment work! This angle adapter is the ultimate answer, getting you set in a matter of seconds.