Product Questions

Custom Audio Cables

What is your maximum length for custom audio cables?

In our custom cable builder page we only offer up to 200 ft. If you need more than that feel free to contact us at info@colubercable.com 

What are the available connectors?
You can choose from XLR Male, XLR Female, XLR Male - Right Angle, XLR Female - Right Angle, 1/4 Inch TRS Male, 1/4 TS Male, 1/4 Inch TRS Male - Right Angle, 1/4 TS Male - Right Angle, 3.5 MM TRS Male. 

What is the material used for the audio cable?
Each piece features twin conductive PVC interior shields, gold-plated connectors, cotton yarn wrap, and a 98% braided shield to reduce noise interference.


Balanced XLR Cables


Is this a fully balanced cable? If I intend to use this from a DAC (balanced output) to a headphone amp (balanced input)?
Yes, our XLR cables are fully balanced.

Does it get rid of the buzz?
XLR cables are made to reduce noise in a circuit, which is the choice for professionals. According to our customers, they have used the cable a few times and haven't had any noise.

What is the diameter of the cable?
The outside diameter is 1/4" thick.

Can this cord be used outside in the weather?
It will probably work, but we wouldn't recommend it.

XLR Angle Adapter

Will the adapter work with a phantom powered microphone?
Yes, I use mine with a phantom-powered mic. They are simply extensions, so they will pass signal and phantom power in the same way that a cable will.