Why High-Quality Speaker Wire and Audio Cables Matter

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Why High-Quality Speaker Wire and Audio Cables Matter

It is common to hear the typical “buy expensive cables to have better sound,” but sound experts have had this same discussion from the beginning. There are cable companies that claim to improve the sound quality for a costly price, and the other companies only make cables with the quality necessary to offer good performance.

Are these high-quality cables better? At Coluber cable, we can offer excellent quality audio cables at a much more competitive price in the market. In addition, we will explain some aspects that you should take into account before spending all your money on a single cable.

Can the audio cable quality improve the sound quality?

The short answer is a huge NO. Cables cannot improve sound quality, but the quality can be affected in many other cases outside of wires. However, you can be sure that at Coluber Cable, we have the same quality of sound cables as more expensive companies but at a much more affordable price.

It is essential to know that a poor-quality cable could be one that does not have all the requirements that a standard cable must have.

Why buy high-quality cables?

In the case of buying high-quality cables, this will depend 100% on the decision and need of the artist. A $20 line may deliver the same sound like a $200 cable, but artists are often swayed by brand names or misleading advertisements for “high quality” cables.

However, high-quality cables offer excellent sound, a great production process with superior materials, outstanding resistance to external interference, and a reasonably long lifespan. If you want a high-quality cable, first check all the options we have and know the structure of what you want to buy.

The reality about high-quality audio cables

There are many misconceptions about not expensive cables, but there are also explanations saying that high-quality cables are excellent options. That is why we are going to deny many claims below:

  • Cables don't improve the sound, but they can negatively affect sound if they're not appropriately shielded or weren't manufactured correctly. A poorly made cable could generate considerable interference and unbearable ground noise.
  • If you want a high-quality cable, you don't need hundreds of dollars to get it. Many companies like Coluber Cable offer excellent audio cables for all types of professional or amateur use.
  • Unbalanced cables for short distances can work just like a balanced cable.
  • Some cable components could affect the sound it transmits, but it would be almost imperceptible for the human ear to hear this “negative impact.”
  • A 99.99% oxygen-free copper wire is much better than a gold wire. However, it is essential never to expose copper to oxygen because it will oxidize much faster.

Do you want a high-quality cable at a reasonable price? At Coluber Cable, we have the best options for your studio or for you to have the best sound in your instruments. You only need to contact us, and we will give you personalized advice so you can start enjoying an excellent balanced or unbalanced audio cable today.

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