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When you are a DJ, you need to know how many components work and how to install them so that the setup works perfectly. In this case, the cables are one of the most vital components to assemble a DJ mixer because this allows to transfer the mixer's sound to the speakers, and everything can sound correctly. Also, you won't always have a technician on stage, and you'll have to fix wiring problems on your own.

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So you've acquired the best microphone, high-quality speakers, and so on. All of your instruments are nicely placed in your home studio, and you are ready to begin recording as soon as possible. But...something is still missing...cables. Audio cables allow you to share the captured sound signals from the audio source to power speakers, computers, or any other recording equipment. 

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Analog Cable, Audio Cables, Buying Guide, custom audio cable, high quality audio cable, Maintenance, RCA Connector, sound cables -

Learn about Analog Audio Cables that output found on some musical instruments, home electronics. It can transmit lines, instruments, or mic-level signals.

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