Learn About Analog Audio Cables

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Learn About Analog Audio Cables

Learn about Analog Audio Cables that output found on some musical instruments, home electronics. It can transmit lines, instruments, or mic-level signals.

Analog Cables

The two types of analog cables

  • Unbalance 
  • Balanced Cables A

Common Analog Connectors

Mainly, people refer to audio cables by their connection type instead of the cable type between the two connectors on the ends. 

As an example, if you have a coaxial cable that uses RCA connectors, most people would call the cable and connectors as a whole an RCA cable, even though it's technically inaccurate.

You're going to find many analog cables with different connector types on each end; 

Connectors are usually referred to as XLR male to XLR female as an example of the connection types used. 

RCA Connectors (Phono) 

They are capable of carrying audio and video signals. RCA connectors are for transferring both analog and digital audio signals. 

RCA connectors allow you to transfer unbalanced mono signals when used with analog cables.

RCA connectors are a central male connector like a pin, surrounded with a ring; It is inserted into a female jack with a hole and a ring surrounding the hole. 

XLR Connectors

The XLR connector is the standard connector type for balanced audio cables. XLR connectors have a wide variety that can come with as many as ten pins, but three-pin XLR connectors are the most common. XLR connectors allow you to transmit a balanced mono signal, so two XLR cables are required if you wish to transfer a stereo analog signal.

If you need a cable to connect your microphone to your microphone, the preamp is usually a female XLR to male XLR cable. 


What is a TS Connectors & TRS Connectors

TS connectors: for unbalanced mono signals. 

TRS connectors: for balanced mono signals or unbalanced stereo signals. 

The TRS connectors have a metal ring around the base of the head of the connector, which TS connectors do not have; this third contact point allows TRS connectors to transmit balanced mono signals or stereo signals.

TS male to TS male cable mono, unbalanced connect your electric guitar to your DI Box. 

TRS male to TRS male cable (mono, balanced) connects the line outputs from your audio interface to a monitor.

1/4" TRS male to 1/8" TRS male cable (stereo, unbalanced) connects your headphone monitoring output on the audio interface of your headphones. 

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