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Everything about your DJ Cables: Analogue vs digital cables When you are a DJ, you need to know how many components work and how to install them so that the setup works perfectly. In this case, the cables are one of the most vital components to assemble a DJ mixer because this allows to transfer the mixer's sound to the speakers, and everything can sound correctly. Also, you won't always have a technician on stage, and you'll have to fix wiring problems on your own. Don't know anything about the different types of cables? Don't worry, because we will explain...

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The importance of the High-Quality Speaker Wire and Audio Cables It is common to hear the typical “buy expensive cables to have better sound,” but sound experts have had this same discussion from the beginning. There are cable companies that claim to improve the sound quality for a costly price, and the other companies only make cables with the quality necessary to offer good performance. Are these high-quality cables better? At Coluber cable, we can offer excellent quality audio cables at a much more competitive price in the market. In addition, we will explain some aspects that you should take...

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