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So you've acquired the best microphone, high-quality speakers, and so on. All of your instruments are nicely placed in your home studio, and you are ready to begin recording as soon as possible. But...something is still missing...cables. Audio cables allow you to share the captured sound signals from the audio source to power speakers, computers, or any other recording equipment.  So, if you haven't yet determined which sort of audio cable you'll need to connect the various pieces of equipment, you're still a step away from bringing your home studio to life. However, the problem with audio cables is that...

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Analog Cable, Audio Cables, RCA Connector -

Learn about Analog Audio Cables that output found on some musical instruments, home electronics. It can transmit lines, instruments, or mic-level signals. Analog Cables The two types of analog cables Unbalance  Balanced Cables A Common Analog Connectors Mainly, people refer to audio cables by their connection type instead of the cable type between the two connectors on the ends.  As an example, if you have a coaxial cable that uses RCA connectors, most people would call the cable and connectors as a whole an RCA cable, even though it's technically inaccurate. You're going to find many analog cables with different connector types...

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